Claude Moore Scholars
Claude Moore Scholars

Claude Moore Scholars

  • The flagship program of CMCF is the Claude Moore Scholars Program. Drawn out on the back of a napkin at a luncheon in 2005, the Scholars Program provides the necessary education and training so that, upon graduation from high school, students can enter the workforce in organizations that enable them to support themselves and their families, as well as assist with academic and professional development through “long-life learning” and growth. Currently, CMCF funding serves 48 school districts in Virginia.

    From these roots, CMCF and many contributors have developed the concept of a “Health Sciences Workforce Highway” that is analogous to the Virginia “Tech Talent Pipeline”. This highway includes early engagement in STEM, increasing the rigor of high school teaching, and addressing barriers to higher education such as dual enrollment costs. Attention is also given to creating meaningful educational and career “lanes” in the highway that recognizes that most individuals do not complete their education at age 22 or stay in one career over time.

  • The Program Currently Offers Certification In:

    • Medical Laboratory Technology
    • Pharmacy Technology
    • Radiology Technology
    • Surgical Sterilization Technology
    • Licensed Practical Nursing/Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Health Informatics
    • Emergency Medical Technician

Claude Moore Success Stories


Hunger Relief

Loudoun Hunger Relief (LHR) is a leading non-profit that has, since 1991, been providing food assistance to the residents of Loudoun County and ensuring access to nutritious foods for families in need.


Fairfax County
Public Schools

Fairfax County Public Schools Health and Medical Sciences and the Claude Moore Scholars in partnership with Inova Health System are preparing students by putting their medical skills to test in full-scale mock disasters.


Jeff Rivera

Claude Moore Scholar – Jeff Rivera is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. Jeff majored in Radiation Sciences, concentrating within his major was Radiography, with a sub-specialization in Cardiac Catheterization for heart imaging.


Lexi Multi

Claude Moore Scholar – Lexi Multi prepared for a healthcare career by majoring in Radiation Services at Virginia Commonwealth University, with a concentration in Radiography and a sub-specialization in Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning.