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CMCB Spring 2019

Claude Moore Community Builders Program

As many people know, the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation is a private foundation whose mission it is to support educational opportunities in Virginia. We began in 1991 with a $17 million endowment from Dr. Claude Moore, and to date we have given more than $70 million to support education opportunities in Virginia.

How did we accomplish this feat? Responsible, visionary leadership.

Our foundation’s Trustees – and everyone involved with CMCF – have made individual contributions that have benefited their local communities or all of Virginia. Their commitment matches a piece of advice my mother gave me as I was considering my future career: “You have to serve and support your community.”

By participating in the Claude Moore Community Builder program, young people learn what it means to be a responsible citizen. It means showing initiative, taking mature risks rather than reckless ones, having integrity, and living up to one’s best inner values.

Responsible citizens understand that actions have consequences. That you can’t say one thing and do another, and that you can’t ignore some choices in life just because they’re difficult ones. Responsible citizens have an obligation to respect other people. It really does come back to the Golden Rule – treat other people as you would want other people to treat you.

Responsible citizens also understand the importance of leading from the soul – taking responsibility for more than just your own needs and growth, but also being genuinely concerned with the needs and growth of others.

The power to lead from the soul comes from eight important areas in life:

Your thoughts, emotions, perceptions, personal relationships and what you say, and your commitment to healthy social dialogue, a healthy environment for current and future generations, and a commitment to your own personal health.

Leading from the soul also means you understand that you are not an island unto yourself – we are all connected. We must never act in ways that lower the self-esteem of other people. Responsible citizens understand that personal growth – for everyone – is life’s top priority. We must all continuously examine our underlying beliefs and modify them as new opportunities for growth reveal themselves.

Growth is uplifting, for every responsible citizen and those around them. And embracing growth means that being a responsible citizen is a commitment, but it is never a burden. With personal growth as the guiding principle, responsible citizenship is a calling that bears great importance, but rests surprisingly lightly on the responsible citizen’s shoulders.

Claude Moore Charitable Foundation is committed to expanding opportunities to grow community leaders. The Claude Moore Community Builders program is on example of our commitment to developing responsible citizens.

Deputy Executive Director

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Jeff Rivera

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Lexi Multi

Claude Moore Scholar – Lexi prepared for a healthcare career by majoring in Radiation Services at Virginia Commonwealth University, with a concentration in Radiography and a sub-specialization in Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning.