The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation (CMCF) provides grants to effective community-based nonprofits and educational institutions in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector to meet community needs. Over the past few years, the Foundation has:

  • Bestowed almost $80 million in grants to more than 275 nonprofit programs since 1991.
  • Continued to develop and expand our signature effort, the Claude Moore Scholars Program, including committing to long-term financial support through grant-making.
  • Participated on nonprofit boards, and continued to support advocacy and leadership development projects.

Funding Priorities

For 2021, our priority is to continue to provide stable support to our grantees to assist in maintaining their efforts in the current climate.

  • We will continue to support the advocacy work of grantees, particularly now as the reduction in funding affects our region’s marginalized residents and the systems that serve them.
  • We will continue to devote resources to programs that improve literacy, especially for youth.
  • We remain committed to support healthcare education programs for school age populations, as well as nursing and medical education, post high school.

We will continue to actively listen to grantees and other groups to identify needs and opportunities for improving education. We are committed to creatively using the Foundation’s resources, and being more responsive to these needs.

Funding Policy

The Trustees of Claude Moore Charitable Foundation accept and review only invited grant proposals. Unsolicited grant proposals will neither be reviewed nor funded.

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