Shihadeh Innovation Center Grand Opening

Shihadeh Innovation Center Grand Opening

Our Giving

The Claude Moore Charitable Foundation is recognized for initiating programs and partnerships that increase academic competence and encourage leadership especially for under-resourced populations throughout the Commonwealth but with a focus on Loudoun County.

The Foundation has two major funding opportunities. Annually, select organizations that focus on areas that support our mission and vision are invited to apply for funding for the following calendar year. This program is directed towards supporting non-profit activities in Loudoun County although some grantees are located in other regions of Virginia. Launched in 2007, our second major initiative – Claude Moore Scholars program – invites applications annually in mid-winter for funding on or after July 1 consistent with the government fiscal year.

Since 1987, the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation has supported leading non-profits, educational systems, and healthcare innovators in Loudoun County and across the Commonwealth of Virginia. View our current grantees. The Foundation has:

  • Donated more than $90 million to non-profits across Virginia;
  • Invested more than $13.5 million since 2007 in the Claude Moore Scholars Program, which covers 48 school systems in 12 regions across Virginia.